embroidery: clothes' tattoo

Everyone of us is unique. However, the unique is covered by ordinary outside and usually forgotten. We wear the factory-produced clothes, speak the formularized language, do the same things everyday. Do you ever feel boring about it? Do you want to show your unique inside to the world? When your answer is yes, it is time to embroidery your clothes.

embroidery is like the tattoo of clothes. Embroidery your unique symbol in your clothes, and make you the centre of others' vision easily. Embroidery whatever you like on you clothes, transfer your information by the vision impact. Offer others' the chance to know the real inside of you. Embroidery beautiful picture on your clothes, adding the beauty to the world.

Every child likes cartoon profiles. Embroidery those pictures on their clothes. they can stay their lover most time and be very happy about it.

Embroidery is necessary like air and water, but it is like the film or the music which makes us happy.