Laboratory: Ordered list, Unordered list, Definition list

unordered linked list about five kinds of foods I like:

an ordered (ranked) list of my favourites related to subjects:

  1. sci-fiction
  2. action
  3. thrill
  4. horror
  5. drama
  • a definition list defining the following terms:
    angle brackets
    The "<" and ">" symbols that are on the comma and period keys on the keyboard. Angle brackets are commonly used to enclose a code of some type. For example, HTML tags and PageMaker tags are enclosed in angle brackets.
    HTML is an acronym for Hypertext Mark-up Language which is defined as the coding used to include colours, language, and graphics on a webpage.
    HTTP is an acronym that stands for hypertext transfer protocol and is defined as the beginning of most website addresses, used to signal a request to receive or transmit files over the Internet.
    An HTML code that defines every structure on an HTML page, including the placement of text and images and hypertext links. HTML tags begin with the less-than (<) character and end with greater-than (>).